Capcut Mod APK v12.2.0 For Android [June 2024]

Do you want to give your videos and photos a new and professional look without any editing experience? And you are sick of using old-fashioned CapCut apps and want to create something new in your videos. As you know, this is an era of the Internet and everyone wants to get famous by uploading their attractive pictures and videos.  

Now it is a piece of cake because I am going to introduce a mind-blowing app called CapCut Mod APK which offers you an extensive array of benefits to solve your editing problem. CapCut Mod APK, created by third-party developers, facilitates us with all unlocked premium features that are not present in the CapCut application.

Don’t stop, just click on the download button I have provided at the start of this article and install it. But read my complete article to know the further benefits of using this app. Further you can use this app in both Android and PC.

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What’s new in CapCut Mod Apk?

CapCut Pro APK, developed by ByteDance on April 10, 2020, is a user-friendly and free video editing app that unlocked the world of creativity. This app gained popularity day by day because people are more interested in posting aesthetically edited videos on TikTok, Facebook, and other social media platforms. 

This app is designed for you whether you want to make a career in video editing or you want to edit videos for the sake of enjoyment.  Most importantly, it is safe, secure, and easy to use even if you can use it on your smartphone. Therefore, this application has millions of users.

Requirements for downloading CapCut Mod Apk

 You must fulfill these requirements before starting the process of installation of this application. 

  • Operating System Android 5.0 version or above.
  • Minimum 300MB of Free Storage of the device.
  • Stable and Speedy internet connection.
  • For getting a better experience, your Mobile should have 4GB RAM—or more than that.
  • CapCut APK prompts to get installation permission to install this app and also asks for permission to gallery for importing and exporting video. You just have to meet these requirements.

How to download CapCut Mod Mod Apk?

After completing the above requirements, now let’s move to the process of downloading this app. Here is some step-by-step guidance to get this app which I am providing for your ease. It is not rocket science. Just read these processes carefully and follow them. Don’t wait, let’s start:

  • First of all,  go to “Settings” on your phone and click on “ Security “. There,  an option of “unknown resources”  will be shown to you, just enable it. It is necessary because MOD APK is not accessible at the Google Play store. You must install it from trusted sources like my website. 
  • Then, you are required to tap the download button to get it which is given below.
  • Next, the downloading process will start. Keep patience to complete this.
  • That’s all, you completed the 1st important step to get CapCut Mod APK.

How to install CapCut Mod APK?

After the procedure of downloading the APK,  I will provide you with a complete straightforward procedure to install Mod APK. Let’s delve into these steps:

  • After downloading this APK, open your browser to locate the APK file.Now open the file to commence the installation procedure.
  • A notification will appear to ask you to confirm the installation. Confirm it to proceed.
  • Then click on “install” and the process of installation will start appearing on your screen. Once the installation process is concluded, you can tap “ open” to enjoy it. 
  • Congratulations! You have installed the CapCut Pro APK, the world’s best editing app, on your mobile successfully.

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Features of CapCut Mod  APK 

No watermark 

Due to watermarks, users diminished the professionalism of their edited videos. They found this advertising invasive because it directly affected the visual appearance of content. CapCut Mod APK offers its users tremendous advantage by solving this issue of no watermark in their videos. 

Now you can edit your videos without the frustrations of this sticky logo. This Mod APK does not only provide this premium free of cost but also you can never see a pesky watermark after exporting your videos. This feature helps you to attract more followers on social media.

Audio editing

CapCut not only increases your experiment in video editing but also enables you to edit audio. This application gives you a free library of almost 50,000 soundtracks and sound effects to make you a more enjoyable app experience. Moreover, you can adjust the volume,  add music, and enjoy top music by adding it to your videos as you desire. 

Multi-layer editing 

You have a lot of images and videos but you want to combine all these in one clip. Then use this ideal tool to solve your issue. By using this, you can easily add numerous audio, videos, and voiceovers in one clip. 

Moreover, you can also include multiple effects, music, and graphics to enhance the quality of your video and give it a new look.

Filter and affects

 Previously, you required a professional expert to create attention-grabbing photos and videos but not anymore! Because CapCut MAPK makes it possible for you by providing you with more than 60 filters and effects to enhance your video quality.  Now, you can get rid of old dull colors and give different color corrections according to your taste and you can catch the eye of many viewers with your videos by only using CapCut .

You can enjoy filters including shadow effects, light effects, night club, FPS Lag, chromatic, and many more.  Don’t wait, select one you like and give your video a beautiful look. 

Background remover 

If you are not satisfied with the background of the video and want to change it according to your needs, then this option is just for you. You can eliminate unnecessary images from the background of the video and adjust the layout and color. Not only pictures but you can also extract background voices that you do not want in your videos.

In addition, you can save your video in 4k resolution In your gallery. You can also modify the ratio of your videos required by social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram respectively 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1.

Convert Text to speech

 If you have a text and want to convert it into speech without speaking yourself, then this feature is just for you. This app facilitates you with both male and female-speaking versions present in this application. You can select one according to your need and which voice you want to add to your videos.

You can also change your speech into text by using this new option. It will save time by quickly changing text into speech or its alternative. 


According to my research, CapCut Mod APK introduced almost 350+ templates for its users. All these templates are very useful for creating attractive videos without any expertise in editing. You can use one eye-catching effect in your videos and edit it according to your favorites.  

CapCut provides you with the latest templates for TikTok which can help you to attract viewers to your videos. After selecting the template, it will automatically add to your videos when you import it. It is as easy as child’s play. So, don’t wait and use it in your videos and send it to your friends. 

Text and stickers

Now you can edit not only your videos but also videos by using  CapCut Mod APK. It facilitates you with awesome text and stickers like snowflakes, stars, and arrows which you can add to your videos to make them creative. 

Additionally, captions and titles can be enriched by these stickers. The most important thing about it is you can alter its size, color, and font.  All these images can be sent as stickers only in PNG and JPG format.

XML support 

Say goodbye to the old and tedious process of making videos. I will introduce the latest features of the CapCut mode app which you have not heard of before is XML support. The XML option enables you to import and export all XML files easily.

Furthermore, if you’re making a video and you switch the CapCut app unfortunately due to some reason, then you have to start it again from the beginning. But with this option, you may continue it where you let off. 

But It has one more capability called “round-tripping”. That means you can make some adjustments to your projects in other editing software if you want, then smoothly bring them back to Capcut Mode for further changes.  

Simple User interface

Many other apps have complex interfaces and users need the experience to use them. There were many issues that users had to face. But the problem is now out of the woods. Because the interface of CapCut mode APK is so friendly. I also edited my videos from this app for different social platforms without any expertise. My observation of this app was incredible. You can also try and enjoy it.

Safe and secure (Animation)

The other most significant benefit of this app is safe and secure from all bugs. It doesn’t prompt you to give access to other files and apps on your phone. It is free from all viruses that can damage your mobile system. 

Don’t hesitate while downloading or installing this app from my site as even no ads will be shown to you during this process. 

Free to use

CapCut Mod APK is free to use for editing. It doesn’t require you to pay for its effective features like other video editors. It facilitates you with a free premium and professional element. Therefore, it is considered the most popular app all around the world.

For Android 

Now you do not need to buy an expensive laptop or PC. If you have an Android 5.0 version or higher, you can get access to this Mod APK. But one thing is, if you have a higher version, then it will offer you extraordinary use of the app

Make me a cartoon

Most people want to change their videos into cartoon shapes. This facilitates you with different 2D and 3D animation factors that you can use to enhance the look of your video. By adding this, you can create professional-looking videos. This is a great opportunity for editors who want to create a video of a new style. 

CapCut Fonts and color 

  Here is another amazing option for fonts. Now you can customize your videos in different fonts that are suitable to your projects. You can just pick up a font that you want to add in titles, subtitles, or captions from thousands of alternatives.

 Moreover, you can choose one color that you like and add a glowing look by decreasing and increasing the brightness.

Slow Motion effect 

Imagine you made a video of your friend jumping into the river. But you are worried about how to create the effect of slow motion so that every step happens slowly. Then you are at the right place.

The slo-mo effect, another name for the slow-motion effect, is a method that is used to slow the motion of any video by editing it. You can use this method of CapCut to put the problem in black and white.


Many people question how they can stabilize their videos. This question also is in your curious mind. But don’t bother, here are a few steps to get rid of your problem.

  • In the CapCut APK App, tap on “Add”.
  • Then,  select your project video. 
  • Move to the “toolbar” to select stabilization.
  • Adjust the stabilization level and click on the check mark 
  • That’s all, your video is stabilized. It is easy peasy.

Overlay function 

An overlay in video, known as a video-on-video effect, means to synchronize the multiple video and photos together on top of each other. Feel free to create incredible transitions by using the overlay function inside the frames of your pictures. It will be a great addition to your projects

Free from  Lagging 

Lagging is the biggest problem for users in editing apps. When your videos are damaged and have problems in playing, it is called lagging. But CapCut APK is free from any lagging. You can edit numerous videos and also merge them smoothly without any frustration of lagging. It is a great benefit for users of CapCut APK.

3D effect 

By giving a 3D effect, your video looks more professional and unique. But you don’t need to bother because I will introduce a fantastic feature of the 3D effect which you can use to give a dynamic look to your videos. 

You can also modify these effects like volume, position, and size that align with your requirements. I used this feature, it’s just mind-blowing.

Pros of Capcut

This app is easy to use. There are no requirements to get the expertise to use it. Even a newbie can also edit this video in the best way.

It facilitates you with many premium unlocked features that greatly benefit users.

CapCut’s private cloud drive keeps track of your work, protecting your data and sparing up space on your computer.

The user appearance of CapCut guarantees a smooth video editing process free from intrusive adverts.

The aforementioned editor works flawlessly across all platforms, making switching between devices simple.

It runs smoothly on mobiles that are somewhat older and can manage big 4K video files with ease.

Cons of Capcut

APK files can be easily they aren’t always credible or safe. files should be downloaded carefully by users since they may include illicit or stolen applications.

Users can download pirated apps directly from the websites of numerous  APK services that are accessible online. Nonetheless, users should refrain from engaging in this unlawful behavior. To avoid any potential legal issues, thorough research should be done before downloading any APK file from another site.


In a nutshell, CapCut Pro is the best video editing application, especially for newbies. It facilitates us with many exciting new trendy filters of different types. Additionally,  you can easily edit your videos in the best way by splitting, trimming, and cutting with songs. 

I have enlisted all the valuable features of this app and told you how to easily install it. It is a next-generation video editor. If you want to get expertise in editing, the CapCut is just perfect for you. I am also using this application to create my content. It gave me amazing results. Don’t stop, just install it from my website and enjoy it.  

Note: please bookmark it, so that you will not ever miss any updates regarding this app. Because I update my website daily and provide you with its latest version.

Frequently Asked Questions

CapCut app, a Chinese app along with TikTok, is banned in India due to privacy issues and is not present in the Google Play store. But you can get the CAPCUT PRO APK from my website by clicking on the above download button.

Yes, you can utilize a VPN in India from trusted resources.

From my recommendation, you can use Pure VPN or Proton VPN.

Yes, the app is much safer for boys and girls up to age 12 if it is not connected to the TikTok account. 

It is my app I recommend that Capcut store your data and content information if you use CapCut Cloud Space Service. Otherwise, it only stores your account and profile information. 

Yes, it’s almost free of cost. You can use endless templates and media assistance to design your content or edit the video.

File types accepted as input by CapCut include AVI, WMV, WEBM, FLV, MP4, M4V, MKV, and more. It is the ideal option for consumers searching for a flexible solution to convert videos, either from ASF to MP4 or AVI to MP4, to the MP4 file type for simple uploading.

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